Friday, November 22, 2013

Wedding Check list ( 6 months before)

Right ,so its six months before the big day!

your excited, perhaps a little nervous and probably hoping that you haven't missed a thing! I remember when I was organising my wedding...I was so busy making sure I had ordered this, rung that person, arranged meetings with the photographer, been for my dress fitting, had I budgeted properly? fact I panicked! I panicked for the whole 18 months I spent arranging my big day!

So, I did a bit of research of the internet and came up with the check list below...hopefully if you are panicking about arranging your big day, this might just help!

-Its time to order those bridesmaid dresses! - Don't forget to order your wedding dress, leave plenty of time for alterations.- Start thinking about your wedding transport and get it booked. - Hopefully you have had a chance to think about your colour theme, so now its time to get the florist booked and arrange a meeting.
- Think about what style of wedding photography you would like and choose your professional wedding photographer. Many couples don't put enough emphasis on their wedding photographs, often choosing a relative or a friend to photograph their wedding day, please think carefully about this, this is YOUR big day! those memories are to last a life time!!! please read Choosing your photographer
- Book caterers, if your venue doesn't arrange this for you.- The venue often will provide a toast Master for you, sometimes at an extra cost...if you have to provide your own, now is the time to book one! 

- Book any musicians or DJ, for the evening disco.- Book your chosen hairdresser & make-up artist. Don't forget to do this! A professional make-up artist will understand what make-up will look better on camera and you will feel at your very best!
- If you are having any other entertainment during the course of your day, for instance an orchestra, get it booked!

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