Friday, March 28, 2014

Wedding Fair, Event City March 7-9th.

Well, what can we say?

Event City, Manchester was truly fantastic! It was our first large Wedding Fair and to be honest the anticipation became overwhelming at times. The run up to the Wedding fair, was at times very stressful, having to get all the items we needed in time for the event. The amount of time we spent researching and checking out other large Wedding Fairs, to make sure we could really take advantage of our unit and every square footage we had invested in.

I remember having a conversation about tri-fold leaflets, with Carren, we both sat there over tea, discussing all the things we would need to purchase and design! Luckily for us, Carren had a very good friend, Amy, who was a Graphic designer, we knew her help would become invaluable to us.

So with our list of ideas, things to purchase and hire we began our preparation for Event City!

One of the first things we decided to look in to further, was a tri-fold leaflet and a case for our slide show. We wanted our potential clients to leave our stand remembering us!

above; our rather gorgeous slide show cover! 

I could go on really about all the things we had printed fro the Event, from extra business cards, back panels and our competition cards, which went down a storm!

oh, yes our competition the winner is drawn on the 30th of March! How exciting!

 So with  five very large back panel posters, one pull-up banner, business cards a plenty, 1000's of tri-fold leaflets, three easels (one small and two full size, to be precise). Three contemporary photo-books, one stunning album, two beautiful acyclic images, Cd's, leather Italian case, heart shaped USB (With its wonderful light-up glass pyramid),  A beautiful quirky small draw unit, a large glass bowl, business card holders, a large tall glass for chocolates (must not forget the chocolates!) a funky bar table, two bar stools, ladders and a spirit level. We packed up the car and headed for Event City!
well to be honest, the list is probably double the size! We both really didn't know how we got everything in the car!! It was a good job, we had hired a large table to showcase our items on, so at least we knew that was one less thing to worry about transporting to the wedding fair.

    Above; setting up, Emma Holt ,(me) unpacking the never ending box's and packages!

A proud moment! Carren Stockman, feeling rather proud of her images!

A proud moment! Emma Holt (me) feeling rather proud of my images!

Above; Finished and raring to go! Come on brides to be, have a look at our simply stunning photography!

The few days we were there were simply fantastic! Between us, Carren and I had talked to hundreds of couples! We had bookings and so many enquires, we really couldn't believe how well we did!

Above; Our amazing advert, right at the front of the Guide!

We will be exhibiting again in September!
26th to the 28th ( to be precise!)
so pop along and visit our stand, say hello! and view our stunning atmospheric wedding photography!

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